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And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night;

 and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years – Genesis 1:14


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Holy Seasons 2016

ONCC Holy Day

Gregorian Calendar Date

Biblical Holy Day

Rosh Hashana

(New Year)


    April 9th at Even


ראש השנה




  April 23rd

  at Dusk




1st Chag Matzote

(Unleavened Bread)


     *April 24, 2016

אי חג המצות


7th Chag Matzote

(Unleavened Bread)



     *April 30, 2016


זי חג המצות


Chag Shavuot

(Feast of Weeks)



    *June 19, 2016


חג השבועות

Yom Teruah
(Day of Shouting)

       *Oct 3, 2016

יום תרועה


Yom Kippurim
(Day of Atonement)


      *Oct 12, 2016

יום הכפורים


1st Chag Sukkot
(Feast of Tabernacles)


      *Oct 17, 2016

אי חג הסוכות


Shemini Atzeret
(8th of Assembly)


      *Oct 24, 2016


שמיני עצרת



Where *asterik appears -The Biblical Holy Day begins at sunset on the day before the date listed and continues for 24 hours until sunset on the following day.

Ex: If 1st Unleavened Bread is listed as April 5th then the holy day commences at sunset on April 4 th through sunset April 5th.




The Mission of The One Nation Calendar Coalition is To Provide A Culturally Sound, Torah-Based Calendar

That Enables Israelites to Observe The Appointed Times of the Most High in Their Correct Seasons




Please see our FAQs page for more information on how the O.N.C.C. Holy Days are determined   


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The O.N.C.C. is committed to sending two representatives to Israel

each year to proclaim "First Fruits" (Barley) in it's Abib state,

thus declaring the month of Abib. [Exodus 12:2; Deut 16:1]

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*All dates are thoroughly researched and agreed upon by The One Nation Calendar Coalition

Nasihk Khamul Ben Lehwi (NY), Nasihk Kezz (PA), Sar Rabah (PA), Nasihk Yiftach (NY/NC), Moreh Yoel (PA/NC),

Sar Aharon Ben Levi (NC), Cohane Zadok Ben Levi (NC), Sar Naamon (VA), Moreh Mordecai (OH), Gvrt. Shoshana Baht Levi (NC)





If you are interested in helping or supporting O.N.C.C., or you have questions, please contact one of the following:

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phone number: 917-345-8105

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