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A Web Portal for the Hebrew Israelite Community


Who We Are

“Sound the Alarm Across the Land”


Submit your comments, concerns or questions for consideration regarding the Hebrew calendar
Send your comments to any of the following:
Moreh Yoel -
Nasihk Kamul -
Moreh Kahtriel - or

Shalom to All Yisrael Seeking Righteousness,

Dates for 2009 are forthcoming.

All dates are thoroughly researched and agreed upon by the ONE NATION FORUM and those in support of our cause to keep our Holy Days correctly and as close to the Torah as possible.

Why You Shouldn’t Follow the Jewish (Hillel) Calendar

Statement from Zaquain Elnathan- Representative of the Calendar Coalition

More on the Abib Barley:

Harvest Seasons of Ancient Israel
Economy and Agriculture of Canaan and Ancient Israel
Seasons and Months in Palestine
The Gezer Calendar
Growth and Development Guide for Spring Barley
Answers to Objections for the Abib Barley Biblical Calendar

The following is a list of all those of the ONE NATION FORUM or in support of the ONE NATION FORUM by community.

South America
Kohane Michael Ben Lewi

Bay't Tzedek, Beth Hethzibah, Kefareem, Moreh Rabah Ben Yisrael and all other B'nay Yisrael affiliated communities of Philadelphia; Hebrew Israelite Tabernacle of Truth Inc.

New York
Kol Sh'aireit B'nay Yisrael, Kahlutzeh Yisrael, Ha-Or Mizraim, Nasi Yeeftach of Albany, Moreh Daneil Ben Nataniel, and Nasi Khamul Lewi Ben Yisrael, Adon Mattityahu Ben Yisrael, Yahuda Yahah of Bronx.

Communites of House of Yisrael
House of Israel of Cinn. Ohio, Atlanta GA., Reiley N.C., Jacksonville Florida; Jackson MS and Virginia Beach.

North Carolina
Hashaba Israelite Community of N.C.

Shayar Yeshuv of Mappleton GA., Moreh Zaab Parah of Atlanta GA.

Adon Dael

Ab Natav

Atzehret Shalom Congregation of Jackson

If there is any other Community or Individual Supporters whom we've overlooked or those who would like to be a participant of the ONE NATION CALENDAR FORUM please email us.



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